MKS Sbase 1.3, Grbl LPC and Lightburn

Hi, I’m looking to use the above controller/firmware configuration on both diode and Co2 lasers. has anyone any experience or knowledge of the combination along with any modifications or difficulties in the combination?

Many thanks.

My $0.02, I have an MKS Sbase v1.3 which is a Chinese clone/rip-off/etc of the Smoothieboard and can run Smoothieware, GRBL-LPC and Remora firmware. I have one in my K40 C02 laser and I run both LinuxCNC/Remora and Smootheiware on that machine. I have seen posts from people who have used GRBL-LPC but not done so myself. I’ve used LightBurn for both design and control when running Smoothieware and for design and GCode export for LinuxCNC/Remora and it has worked great.

I have an Ortur LM1 running 32bit GRBL and LightBurn has worked great with that. Again, it should not be a problem. Since GRBL-LPC is ported from GRBL it should operate consistent with GRBL and setup very similar.

Thanks Doug for the reply. How do you find Smoothieware performs with lightburn as compared to Grbl? is it as fast, do you get the full benefits of 32 bit processing power?

both do the job well and if you want smoothieware to engrave scan as fast as, or faster, than GRBL there’s a firmware feature C3D and LIghtBurn designed which optimizes the gcode to allow the USB performance optimizations removing the bottleneck.

I don’t use any graphics LCD so can’t comment on that aspect of the two. They are easily swapped with just a new firmware.bin and config.txt files put onto the uSD.

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