MKS TFT35 wifi connection with lightburn


This is my first post here in the forum, I recently bought the lightburn software (first the grbl and today I upgraded to DSP) I don’t think that would fix my problem but I’m planning on buying a DSP controller later on for my bigger laser.

My problem is simple (in a way) my smaller diode laser uses an MKS DLC v2.0 controller, it comes with a TFT35 that have wifi connectivity but under grbl devices in lightburn there is no Ethernet or wifi connection options.

I have seen on YouTube some videos where under the RUIDA format you can connect via IP address but I have no clue if the TFT will recognize that protocol?

Does anyone use the MKS DLC V2 with the TFT35 and if so, have you been able to connect via WiFi? Will the RUIDA route will work? Or if not any ideas on how to send the gcode via WiFi?

Any help would be great, thanks.


It works the same way is does with USB - as a serial device.

Make your terminal connection by creating a virtual serial port and a wireless bridge.

Any Arduino or grbl wifi tutorial should talk you through it.

Thank you very much for the info. I will try it tonight

just installed and configured lightburn to work on my Laguna MX w/ wifi. Before you get into lightburn, turn on your laser and let it boot up. from your computer, go to your wifi settings and see if there is a “new” wifi signal. mine was a Tlinkxxx, It is my understaing that the manufactures place a Tlink or similar router inside the laser. The IP configuration on the control panle has to match the first three address lines of that router - Do not change that unless you know the machines router configuraiton. From your laptop, open the Tlinkxxx and see if your PC connects. inside lightburn, you will be able to configure and connect to the laser using the wifi signal. As a note, when you are connected to your laser, you will not be connected to your LAN unless you reconfigure the router inside the laser.

I’ve used that DLC board on a couple of projects and the MKS WiFi adapter only works with their proprietary cloud service and app, which are pretty much junk, and only work with 3D printer applications. That TFT35 works with most MKS boards, but the WiFi add-on doesn’t work how you want it to with the Laser/CNC firmware required for use with GRBL, which runs on the DLC. It does work, the way @Bonjour said, but only if you flash it with a different firmware not offered through MKS, and connect it directly to the DLC, not through the TFT35, AND the connectivity is, lets just say, not entirely stable. Just my $.02.

Thank you for the info, yes I was trying to connect via WiFi but it looks like I’m better off connecting via USB to my board or saving the gcode file and then use the TFT.

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