MKS TS35-R display and Lightburn - X axis inverted

As this is my first topic this year, Happy New Year everyone :champagne: :yum:

I am starting by telling you that the issue is not extremely important, but perfectionist as I am, :innocent: I would like to see it resolved. :yum:

I have an MKS DLC32 board controlling the laser machine and the issue is that to have the X axis working in the correct direction in Lightburn it “has” to be inverted using the board’s display command.

If I put the value 2 in $3 through MKStool (Board Installation and Configuration Tool) the axis controls work fine using the display connected to the board (MKS TS35-R V2.0)
When I turn it on and control it with Lightburn, the X axis is inverted.
By accessing the board through Lightburn (Machine Settings) and changing from “false” to “true” “X direction pin invert” and clicking on “write” axis control is restored. However, the control of the X axis is inverted by controlling it via the display.

I did a test to check if using the LaserGRBL software (which I hadn’t used since I installed the LB) the same thing happened, and I realized that with this software the control remains the same as that used via the display.

Question for queijinho (little cheese as we say here in Portugal, inspired by the game “Trivial Pursuit”) :laughing: it will be necessary to load the corrected initial configuration file (dlc_cfg) so that the X axis works in the same way in both control options (LB and display) or is there something that can be done in the Lightburn settings?

Both MKSTool and LightBurn should be changing the same $3 GRBL configuration. So changes in one will affect all applications using the controller.

This is surprising as LightBurn and LaserGRBL should behave the same way here.

Some questions for you:

  1. Can you start by describing how your direction controls actually function in LightBurn when configured correctly for LightBurn. Does left move the laser left, right move right, up move up, and down move down?
  2. What’s the origin configuration in LightBurn. Can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn?
  3. Can you run these commands in Console and return output?
  1. Can you turn on “Show all” in Console, then initiate this sequence of jogging moves: up, right, down, left. Then return the output of Console

That’s what I assumed too.

Precisely. That’s what I thought and I was also surprised.

Facing the machine, the direction of the buttons corresponds to the direction of the laser head. Left button moves left and right button moves right. Button up moves the laser head towards the back of the machine and button down moves it closer to the front of the machine.

Origin is Bottom Left.

When I entered this command the machine did “Home” correctly.
Command $H

When doing this command I replaced $ with S and it gave error 2, sorry.

Of course. I’ll just place the laser head in the center of the table so I can execute the commands without hitting the “Hard Limits”
Then the commands were made in the requested order.

If you have any questions or need any further information, just ask.

Nothing here looks out of the norm to me.

Can you open LaserGRBL and take a screenshot after jogging Up, Right, Down, Left?

Of course.
I will do it later on when i am at home.

This is good news to me. :wink:

This is something embarrassing.
Now that I did the test you suggested, LaserGRBL worked exactly like Lightburn, only the direction on the display remains inverted in relation to the software used. :flushed:

The other day I was going to swear that it didn’t behave this way because I was wondering how one software works according to the display and the other doesn’t… :thinking:

Now I don’t know what to say… :angry:

Well, that breaks the hope of being able to reproduce those results on the LightBurn side. On the other hand, it means a single solution could potentially resolve both applications.

This can likely be fixed through a firmware update but an initial search doesn’t come up with a solution.

Reversing X-Y displacements on the TS-35-r display · Issue #292 · makerbase-mks/MKS-DLC32 · GitHub

Note how the last comment indicates that X-axis inversion has been resolved. Might this just require a newer firmware?

I’d suspect this would be as easy as inverting the X axis jogging commands that come from the screen.

This would be my next option, using Github to try to find a solution. Since you have already found the answer I was looking for, I would like to thank you for the consultation work you saved me. :wink: :blush:

Since I had to install a specific firmware version to install the “flame detection” option, I’m afraid that if I reinstall another firmware version the “flame detection” function will no longer work. And I prefer the active function to having the X inverted on the display. at least since I use it very little.

In the midst of the complexity of the entire firmware, reversing the direction of the X arrows doesn’t seem complicated to me. Probably because it was so basic it escaped the programmers’ eyes when they sent the firmware out.

I’ll probably install newer software, to experiment, if everything works, great. Otherwise, I install the current firmware again and the X appears inverted on the display.
If you do this before this topic closes, I’ll leave the result here. :wink:

With another firmware the problem is “solved” but on the other hand I am left without the “flame detection” function, which doesn’t interest me at all.
Therefore, until a new firmware comes out, I will keep the X axis inverted on the display and the “flame detection” function available.

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