Mobile app for jogging/focusing, etc

Hello LB peeps.

Just a suggestion.

I know its not exactly related to LB, but wouldnt it be neat to have a companion mobile app for controlling machine, akin to Ruida ACS. Like the CNC jogging thing on a twizzly wire you can take to workpiece…
Granted ACS works only if controller is connected via ethernet, not usb.
Can USB support of such a thing be implemented ?

When setting up material i find it inconvenient blindly feeling for buttons on a panel while lining up pointer dot precisely on a workpiece. Either blindly, or have look away from work and into panel.

I’m yet to try the actual Ruida ACS app, but for what i’ve seen on vids it is great.
But, as per usual, ACS is not being updated often (ever?), features stagnate, etc.

Thoughts ?

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