Mobile App for this forum

If you use an iOS device you can download the “Discourse Hub” app and then add This allows all the forum features to work nicely on your iPhone or iPad


Thank you for the tip

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Do they not work right in the browser?

Sometimes mobile apps give a cleaner experience than the browser will. Reddit, for example, does pretty well on mobile, but the app is significantly faster, cleaner, and has more options. I haven’t tried the app version of Discourse, but it’d be nice if it was similar. The browser version doesn’t have all the admin tools, certainly, but it was otherwise pretty good.

I am aware. I was just curious if Allen had actually experienced any issues. The forum has been working great for me on mobile.

The Discourse Hub app is pretty much a container for a Safari browser with 1 or 2 additional niceties, so you’re still using the browser to interface with the forum, just in a box. I have it, but also saved the forum URL to my home screen, and usually end up using Safari directly.

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I am up on Discourse for android. It seems to be cruzing around smoothly.

The only issue I have with Apps is that they tend to be slower to update than the web based pages.

FB app is typical for that problem.

The App has been working well on my phone, it is mostly just a container for Safari. But it is configured to work well and the App makes it easy to switch between different Discourse forums.

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On android with the discourse app. As far as I’m aware the app just pulls notifications. When using the site its just your default browser loading the web for mobile version of the forum.

I just saved the mobile web page to my android’s homepage. It works great! I prefer webapps to native apps any day, less things to manage on my end.


I was asking about the mobile site in Safari, not the app

Working good for me. ( iPhone 10X Max )

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