Moc lasera w lightburn 0.9.02

Witam mam problem z ustawieniem mocy lasera, laser mam diodowy o mocy 6,5w sterowanie grbl ten laser ma wyświetlacz mocy diody po ustawieniach w opcji wypalania na 100% laser nie pracuje na 100%, czy są jakieś inne ustawienia mocą lasera z tego programu

‘Hello, I have a problem with setting the laser power, I have a diode laser with a power of 6.5w grbl control this laser has a power diode display after settings in the firing option at 100% laser does not work at 100%, are there any other settings with laser power from this program’

Post your $$ settings from grbl controller, especially the $30 $31 and $32 and machine max setting from Lightburn

You will want to ensure the ‘S-value max’ in LightBurn matches that of your controller $30 setting (Max spindle speed, RPM). You will also want to set $32=1 to turn on laser mode for the controller.

Select the “spanner/screw-driver” icon on the top icon toolbar to expose the ‘Device Settings’ window to find ‘S-value max’. You can type “$$” into the console and hit “Return” to see a listing of your current grbl controller settings for comparison.

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