Modded/increased Y axis, cant use new space

I have an Aufero 1 that I lightly modded. I have increased the Y axis to 300mm. I get alarm 2 when sizing an image to this new area. If I size the image back to the old 180x180mm, everything is fine. This leads me to think its a setting/software issue.
Is there something I can change in the settings or Gcode to get it to use the new layout?

Sounds like you have Lightburn set OK…

There are a pair of values in the ‘Edit → Machine Settings’ for machine size…

Are these and the ‘Device settings’ correct?

Good luck


Thats exactly what it was! Console > $$ > 131 was still 180.

I changed the value to 300 by using $131=300. That allowed me to access the increased area. I am now getting a cogging/crash alarm at the top end of Y axis, (it tops out and bumps into the support arm). My math must have been off. I bumped it down to 290mm. and that seems to have fixed it.

Thanks for the help!


Your math is not off. I had the same issue when I extened my 30x18 to 30x40 (longer Y travel). I measured actual table travel to get the correct setting value. Turns out the table mountings do not allow full calculated travel. I now have no issues with positioning or Lightburn directed motion.

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