Modification to my machine

I need to modify my laser machine. I need to be able to move laser head up and down automaticaly How do I enable Z axis?. I see there is an option in Lightburn for enabled Z axis.
Do you guys think its possible to use ruida and lightburn to make it work? I am open to any adjustments if necessary if it will work. I am thinking about adding relay for extra step…

It would help if you’d add what machine and Ruida Controller you have in this thread and to your profile.

I am sorry, I have Ruida 6442G. Its chinese laser machine.

Hello Tom,
First of all, can you give more information about your chinese laser machine there are so many.
What is the Z-driving system at this moment in your machine, has it a stepper motor or the more used ac-motor.
If your want to control the z-axis with the ruida controller is needs a steppermotor, stepperdriver and possible a gear…

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Hello Tom,

Did you check out this video?

Thank you very much for the video.
So I checked my machine and here is what I have.
I have 2 stepper drivers cwd3m683 1 stepper driver CW8060, 2 stepper motors on X and Y and 2 stepper motors uder the table which moves the table up and down.
Ruida is RDV6442G-B
What I see it looks like motors should be connected and set up. I just would like to know how to set it up in lightburn software so I can see it moves 4 mm down before it fires the laser. I need to move the head down, wait 1 second and than fire the laser and start cutting. Once it finish cutting the line, I need it to wait 1 second, than move it up and go to another line to cut.
I am new here and thank you very much for your help with everything.

SO I WAS ABLE TO RUN IT. I am able to run it only if I select ENABLE Z axis, RALATIVE Z moves only and OPTIMIZE Z moves. Only if I select all 3 of them Z axis will move up before head moves and when it finish cutting Z axis will move back. I need to run RELATIVE Z MOVES only. Is there any issue with the software? I have a new version 1.0.00

Tom, don’t know if this will help, but just figuring out what the Chinese are trying to say can be an issue. Here is Russ’ video on Auto Focus Frustration.

It clarifies some configuration issues with the Ruida that may help you figure it out.

Good luck :smiley_cat:

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