MOPA M7 Fiber variable pulse width

Manual on my 60W M7 shows:
1.3.9. YDFLP-E-60-M7-L1-R contains 17 wave-forms: CW, 2ns, 4ns, 6ns, 9ns, 13ns, 20ns, 30ns, 45ns, 60ns, 80ns, 100ns, 150ns, 200ns, 250ns, 350ns, 500ns.
How do these relate to the Q-Pulse setting which in LB seem variable to two decimal places from 1-500?

I have already asked this question on the forum. It seems that there is no solution yet. It is necessary to set the value of the pulse that you need with your hands. The manual for the laser says that if you specify some other value, the laser will work on the nearest one. In principle, this question is relevant only for the material test, where the pulse width values should be sorted. But since the LB does not set the desired ones, the pulse width will not be correct.

Correct. I ran a bunch of material tests last night just to test it, and the pulse falls roughly between the low and high, example 200 covers about 175 to 225…
I posted an article about it over on LMA. Q-Pulse of 1 was really cool, had a lot of oomph.

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