More objects to cut=> laser doesn't cut properly

Hello Guys,

I bought Two trees Totem S 40W laser last month, so I could say I am completely new in this community. I’ve got a problem with cutting 4mm plywood. During the time, I found out that if I cut more than 1-2 objects in one task the laser is not able to make clear cut or doesn’t cut at all. Lens are clean, unfortunately laser head is slightly crooked (probably badly drilled holder) but in case I cut just one object (500mm/min, 100% power, 5 passes) there’s no problem at all. When I try to cut 5 same objects in one task it doesn’t go through, not even with 10 passes. Please, has anyone any idea what could it be? I don’t do this for living, it’s just a hobby but u surely understand me I don’t want to start every task separately.

Thank you very much for any help!

Can you please post a screenshot of your settings, as well as photos of the project and upload the project file?

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These are the projects I’m trying to finish properly and pictures of settings.

cube.lbrn2 (30.5 KB)
cube test.lbrn2 (50.3 KB)

I just don’t get it, it seems like everytime the cut result is different, I can never be sure if it’s going to cut properly or not. I also noticed that sometimes helps to calibrate the laser a bit lower (1-2mm) than it should be (doesn’t work every time). Thanks again for any advice.