More overlapping lines

Using MacOS latest version. I’m reading an old QA that says "We’re going to have an improved version before too long the actually removes overlapping lines and even partial overlaps)…
I’m working on an imported EPS file, that I converted to SVG online but there’s a duplicate of every object in the file, one on top of the other. I can’t find any way to separate the two identical objects (too many to do it manually… leaning tower of Pisa). Delete Duplicates still doesn’t work for that, nor does Optimize selected shapes, as you mentioned in the earlier post 4/11/2019. Surely you’ve found a way to do that in the last 3 years?

LightBurn continues to refine the current feature set, as we also expand the types of devices we support. Still on the list to complete enhancements to the duplicate removal features. :wink:

Thanks @RalphU, are you willing to share the name of such a program? Could help others in the meantime. :wink:

This would imply that these are not actually duplicates but likely closely shaped objects stacked nearly on top of each other.

Delete duplicates only removes exact duplicates.

Remove Overlapping LInes in Optimization settings only removes lines that are exactly on top of each other.

Doing more than this would imply some sort of fuzzy match or AI based matching. Is that what you’re really looking for. At least for me in almost every case I wouldn’t want LightBurn making judgments about what it perceives to be objects that are “close enough”. Perhaps if it was highly tunable and reviewable but even then I’d want to know if the objects I’m removing are not true duplicates.

I’m familiar with a common type of form of that functionality in CAD/CAM software. I see that as just a dupe finder with tolerance which is fairly limited in matching capability. I’d be okay with that level of search as long as it was reviewable before committing. But I sometimes get the impression that more aggressive forms of match are being sought.

I’ve seen other programs get this wrong more often than get it right. It basically becomes useless.

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