More velocity makes laser shift position

I have tried this same file 10 different times. When I engrave at 200 mm/s it works fine other than another problem I will be posting about in a different post. When I engrave at 400 mm/s the x position of laser shifts to the left about 100 mm or so. The image attached shows the 400 mm/s problem I am having. The picture is just one job from start to finish, it shifts halfway through the job. Notice the vector cutting hasn’t shifted because the machine was already shifted by the time it got to cutting. It shifts the same exact spot on every try when done at 400 mm/s. I have tried 350 mm/s and it shifts at a different part of job but the same on every try. My only thought is that the Arduino Uno can’t keep up with the G-Code at higher speeds than 200 mm/s. I am using a GRBL shield with an official Uno. Any thoughts are appreciated.

An 8 bit arduino definitely cannot go that fast. Some of the math behind that has been covered in other posts on the forum here.

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks for the reply.

I have the same problem, did you find any solution?

The simple one would be to go slower. An 8-bit, low-MHz processor is just never going to go very fast if you’re trying to do images. For vector scanning or cutting it’ll probably be fine, but images chew through a lot of data in a very short time, and an 8 bit Arduino is just not up for that.

Yep, if you have the same setup as OP, your options are to swap in a better controller or slow down.

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Could you recommend me some driver that works perfectly?

If you’re using GRBL then an Arduino Due is an option. I’ve researched it but haven’t switched myself yet, I’ve just slowed my laser jobs down as a temporary solution. The Arduino Due is a 32 bit controller.

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