Motion speed limited to 2k mm/sec

I am running into an issue while attempting files I have run through RDWorks. On the files in question I am able to scan at a setting of 3k mm/sec without issue and use a higher laser power setting. It appears that within Lightburn SW I am limited to a max speed of 2k mm/sec. This is creating the need to readdress all of the testing to fined the proper laser power that I have already performed. Is there a setting in the LB SW that I am missing that will allow me to return to my previous settings?

I’ve never seen a CO2 machine that would run that fast. Give me a minute…

That is some impressive speed (almost 10 feet per second) what kind of machine do you have that can handle those speeds?

Thinking about how quick I could complete most of my jobs is making me jealous.