Motorized Z axis question

I ordered my laser without the motorized z axis, I am wanting to upgrade it, I can see all of the mounting holes are there but cant find any parts/kits that will work without have to modify alot of things

I have done it for a 500x300mm made a motor direct onto where the knob was where I could turn manually.
You need a motor with driver to connect to your ruida controller (if you have one)
The ones that come with motorized z axis normally only have up and down switches on the side and are not connected to the controller.

I have a driver but the motor I have doesn’t seem to have enough guts to turn the lead screws… and yes I do have the Z up and down function on my controller which will operate a motor and driver that I have I guess I just need a bigger motor and driver?

How did you attach it?

The same way you described I machined a collar to fit and used a roll pin to attach it I guess I need a Nema 23 are bigger

I have a nema 23, sometimes it struggles too. Maybe one with a gear?

Yeah I believe I tried that too I bought a timing pulley with the same belt pitch as the large belt I think it’s just cheaply made lead screws that is my issue I see cloudray has a complete set up but looks like I would have to modify quite a bit to make it work and plus it’s almost $300

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