Mouse and Keyboard get stuck in lightburn

I haven’t use Lightburn in months. I’m back at it again, however, now, both my mouse and keyboard get stuck. I’m on a windows 10.

When I close Lightburn my mouse and keyboard work perfect. Please help me.

This is really unusual. Are the mouse and Keyboard both USB devices? Sometimes USB devices are wireless and have a little dongle that plugs into a USB port. The port can be on the back of a desktop unit.

I’ll ask internally if this has already been seen or if we’re starting with something new.

Thanks for letting us know.


I haven’t been using Lightburn that long so anything like that hasn’t happened (yet ;)), but I do have noticed similar behaviour (HP255 G4) with various pieces of external HW, especially HD units that draw power via USB.

I’n not computer-savy enough to know whether that’s USB data/power management issue, or a chipset feature.
Or even an Win10 issue ;).

More likely though, if the keyboard and mouse are indeed USB devices, it’s probably a simple case of USB prioritizing where LB has a higher priority and the other data traffic through the ports that share the same adress is halted.

Fortunately Win10 has been running smoothly enough (knocks on unpainted wood ;)) for my uses that I’ve not had the need to dig any deeper so I don’t know whether it allows the user to scan and resolve port conflicts relatively safely like it allowed in XP.


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One of the developers asked, “How do you close LightBurn with a ‘Stuck’ keyboard and mouse?” I originally read ‘stuck’ as not operating or not responding but maybe you mean ‘slow to respond’, lagging or lurching.

Either way, very unusual and we’d love to know more.

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