Mouse stuck and drags work on the screen

Are you doing something that is CPU intensive in LB when this happens ? may be it just appears to be locking up while waiting for CPU access.

Hmmm, interesting thought. The computer is exclusively used for the machine so no, I don’t think so. I rebuilt the computer with an SSD hard drive and maxed out the RAM. No other programs other than the bloatware are on the computer and files are stored on an external hard drive. I’ll run a speed and memory test to see what happens next time it gets stuck.

Yep, very first thing I do when setting up a new machine is uninstall and delete all bloatware just to free up drive space and any memory that the bloatware steals

I have an Inspiron laptop with a really fussy spacebar: look at it the wrong way and it jams.

Perhaps your spacebar has a similar malady, where it works normally when you’re typing away, but sits on the edge of triggering and occasionally spits out a character that would go unrecognized in most other programs.

Also, based on personal experience, it may have indigestion from a nasty bit of board chow. :grin:

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No, I never had this happen and it works great.

That’s something I did except for the essentials. I’d love to get rid of Microsoft’s Edge but it comes back like a bad case of herpes. LOL

I’m away from my computer so I’m not sure if it’s possible, but can you re-assign or delete current hot-key for panning? Even if temporary, as a diagnostic step.

I have panning set to the third mouse button from (I believe) the Logitech customization app. Is it possible you have a custom setup that’s been forgotten or default and you’re not aware? Like a triple click or left+right or something thats possible to accidentally engage unawares?

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