Move -- Adjust window

When the laser is running a Move Window, that appears to allow you to adjust the speed and power of the laser on the fly., opens. It doesn’t seem to do that, and I can’t find any info on this window, Can anyone help me understand this function or refer me to a YouTube Video that will. Thanks.

There was a short discussion on this yesterday. The intended purpose for the window is the one you state. How have you tested the controls to come to the conclusion that they do not work?

Strange display on Move window - LightBurn Software / OS Specific - LightBurn Software Forum

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I just clicked on it in both the Speed and the Power columns and there was no noticeable change in either. That was a brief test and I was hesitant to test farther. Now that I know the function, let me give it a real test. Where can I find that discussion from yesterday?

You must have missed it but I linked to the other topic in my previous reply.

Do give it a try and let us know the results. The controls should function as intended. You probably did not change it sufficiently enough to notice a difference.

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