Move files from lightburn on Mac to lightburn on pc

Would it be possible to create my jobs in lightburn on my iMac in my office then move them via usb drive to lightburn on my pc in my shop? I don’t have good wifi in shop and would rather work on creating files in my office. Wanted to know before I purchase another license to run on Mac. Thanks.

Yes, with consideration. If you do not have the exact fonts on both systems, the job will render differently. If you can’t find acceptable fonts, convert the text in your files to paths first, then transfer, and you will get the expected result.

You mention purchasing another key, but also mention only 2 computers, the Mac used for design and the Windows computer in the shop. The standard LightBurn License comes with 2 seats, and we will add a 3rd when asked, nicely.

Don’t get this wrong, if you need another key, we will take the order. We like happy and growing customers! Yet, if you didn’t already, I wanted you to know. :slight_smile:

Thank You Rick! That is good news indeed and the text solution probably saved me some unnecessary aggravation. :smiley:

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Maybe my setup is helpful for you?

I have a PC with Lightburn running the laser and my Macbook for doing the designs.
Using iCloud setup on both I can edit files in either location and it is all synced. Same thing should work with a network share.

I also have the configuration for Lightburn saved to the shared iCloud folder, so my settings, library and all that are the same across machines.

The File Open dialog is the only place where things differ, on the Windows machine I have to navigate to the iCloud folders to open end edit the files.

Sometimes there is a bit of a lag after making a change on my Macbook before it is synced to my PC’s iCloud folder. Refreshing the folder in the Windows file explorer a few times usually helps.

Thanks for the info Gordon, that will be helpful.

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