Move tool with keyboard

Hello, i use the move tool selecting it with mouse, but it is a slow way of do.

Could will be possible define a hot key for it? ctrl+a and for select tool ctrl+s for example


Esc always puts you back in ‘Select’ mode. Is this what you are looking for? (Ctrl+S is the universal hotkey for ‘Save’)

Thanks, but is not exactly, for example ctrl+T is edit text, ctrl+l is for draw lines… if is possible i want a combinations of keys or ctrl left click of mouse for select pan/drag view. really is slow to every time go to click the pan icon.


You said ‘The move tool’ initially, not the pan tool, so I misunderstood. Hold the space bar to pan the view, or press the middle mouse button.

Sorry :slight_smile: thanks it works fine!!!

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