Move window default values

Often times I will start LightBurn (my default device is GRBL for my B-N-B 3) the values in the “Move” window will be somewhat random and inappropriate for the machine, i.e., Speed 60000 mm/m and Z-speed 1.6mm/m. If I change them to something reasonable for my laser (OLM2 Pro frame with a B-N-B 3 controller), say, speed at 2000 and Z-speed at 300 (for the rotary) and then restart LB those values will not persist. If I switch between the GRBL laser and the DSP laser I get the same thing. This is happening on two different Windows 10 PC’s (one is a desktop and the other is a Micro PC). Is there a place in LightBurn where these values are stored and saved or are they randomly generated? My memory isn’t what it used to be, but it seems that this behavior started recently. In the past if I entered a speed value in the Move window it would still be the same value (like 2000) the next time I fired up LightBurn. It’s not a showstopper, just a little inconvenient when switching back and forth between lasers (or right clicking the “Devices” button to reset a connection). I was hoping someone could shed a little light on the subject.

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