Move window keeps returning

Since the latest update the window Move display will not stay removed if I deleted it.

I can remove it from the window arrange tab or by clicking on X in the move window itself. It goes away but restart Lightburn or open something else it is back. Will not stay gone.

It did that for me too. I closed the Move window, saved my project, Closed and restarted LightBurn without a project and there it was hiding under my Cuts / Layers window.

Loaded the project and the Move window was still there.

Closed the Move window and reopened the project - the Move window came back.

We have a fix for this, and will likely be releasing a 1.1.04 patch soon to address this and a couple small remaining issues with the 1.1.00 release.

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Thank you! I thought I was going crazy. Every time I open Lightburn, the MOVE panel opens in the upper left corner. I remove it, but it comes back next time I open LB. Bring that fix quickly, please. The darn window takes up a significant chunk of my 13" monitor.

If you have any of the other windows enabled and docked, like Cuts/Layers, just drag the Move window over it (dock it), and tab it behind. They have to be docked (not floating) for this to work.


Heck, I can’t even grab it when my screen is maximized. The title bar of the window seems to be off screen, but the application is maximized to full screen. It’s surely an annoyance, and I’ve been trying to roll back to an older version that is not affected by this bug, but I haven’t figured out which one I need. The last two that I tried didn’t remove the bug.

Go to Window > Reset to default layout, then work from there, OR re-start LightBurn while holding the Shift key.

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