Moved material but need to re-laser the same spot to get a complete cut through

I believe I saw a YouTube video of someone showing how to re-align material on a laser bed with the laser head after the material was moved. I didn’t realize my project didn’t cut all the way through in a few areas before I moved it off the bed. I would like to not waste a fill piece of wood if there is a way to do this. As I stated, I’m quite confident that I watched this video a few weeks back. Who knows though maybe I’m up in the night and I didn’t really see it. Not the first time according to my wife… :wink:

You can use Print & Cut functionality for this. This may be the video that you saw initially:
Using Print and Cut to recover a project - YouTube


YES! Thank you! 2nd time you’ve helped me in as many days. So appreciate it and this forum.

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