Movement problems

Have posted this problem before. LB does not respond well to movement commands with my setup. I have tried various controllers and cables and the problem is always there. Oddly, Open Builds and UGS work perfectly with this controller, I am convinced this is a LB problem. Using a Makerbase 1.0 controller with a Neje 30 watt laser. Everything works fine when I send a file to the laser tho. It’s just using the movement controls.

Please describe the exact steps you take, the behavior you observe, and what you expected, and we can go from there. Which ‘Device Profile’ do you use and what firmware are you using on this control board?

Using GRBL 1.1h, usually the movement arrows won’t respond on the first press, then I press the opposite arrow and it responds but in reverse direction, press again and it responds correctly. However if I have chosen continuous movement it will only travel about 100mm, then won’t respond again until I disable continuous movement, very aggravating! None of the above problems happen with OB or UGS.

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