Moving designs to file folders

how do you move your designs in the OPEN drop down to a new folder so you can organize and find you designs. I have created folders but can not move anything into them.

Not sure exactly what you are driving at, but ‘Open’ expects the folder/file to be there.

If you ‘save’ or ‘save as’, you can navigate to the folder via that function and then the open (or ‘open recent’) will work.

I’ve copied the files to other places with no issues.

The default open is for lightburn files, if you have some other type you have to set the file type on the bottom of the open dialog to include the file types you wish.

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I am trying to organize my lightburn files into folders so i don’t have to sort through 3 years of designs trying to remember what the names are. so basically i want to create a client file to put all of there designs i have done in one space / folder for them so i can find them when they want to use an old design, quickly

You didn’t mention if you have the art or totally creating it in Lightburn…

Setup your folder hierarchy.

If you are going to be using files types other than lightburn, such as jpeg, svg etc… Then you can put them in their own or where ever.

You should be able to navigate to any folder you create. Ensure you have proper permissions to use those folders.

I do this all the time, so I’m curious what you are having difficulty doing, and understanding enough that I can really help.

I think it’s more of a communications error…


ok let me try to explain it this way. yesterday I created 8 designs that i have burned. today i decided to create a folder to put them in to organize my main light burn file. I was able to create the folder without any problems. then I tried to drag and drop the designs into the folder and they wont move. light burn won’t let me copy and paste either. I am sure there is a way to move them to the folder i am just not smart enough to figure it out. also thank you for you time trying to help me. oh and i am working on a mac . thanks

It’s always handy for those helping you to tell up what kind of machine you are running for a computer.

It sounds like a protection problem. Can you, from the OS move the files to the destination that you wish. This doesn’t sound like a Lightburn issue, more like an OS setup issue.

You should be able to copy or move the files to the new directory structure with no issue.

Try it outside of Lightburn and see if that works.

The same issue can be with Windows, so if you can’t copy or move it using the normal system (like a file browser), Lightburn won’t be able to either.

Check your file protections… that’s what it sound like.

My machine runs Linux, more similar to a Mac than Windows.


ok thank you for your time. I will look at the system. i will probably have to go to the IT tec to have it checked.
Thank you for your time and patience. Have a blessed day.

No perspiration…

Don’t let it keep you up at night…

Take care, good luck


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