MPC6565 supported?

So our school laser uses a MPC6565, is there a change this is supported by light burn? Laser cut 6 is an a awful software

Unfortunately, Leetro controllers are not supported at this time. And I agree with you, LaserCut is one of the worst control software packages I have seen.

Honestly, replace your controller. I replaced my MPC6515c with a RDC6344, took me a couple of hours to swap the controller and display, and another couple to get all the settings xfer’d over. I’ve never looked back! I’ve never once had LB crash, act flaky, take forever to complete a simple operation. The few minor defects I’ve found, I’ve reported and they get fixed right away.

You can get a RDC6442 for $215 on AliExpress. If you use the Ali app to buy you can save another couple of percent on the price. Sell your old controller/display and dongle on eBay for $300 (that would undercut all the other clowns on there) and you’ll be money ahead.

Problem is , nobody buys Leetro controllers used. I had 2 up for sale at $50 each for months and they never sold.

Why someone would buy one new, is beyond me too :joy:.

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