[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]

I got an ortur laser master 2 / 7 watt. It will go to point of origin , it will go home and it will test fire.And that is all it will do. I’m using light burn 9.24. When I look at the console, it says "[MSG:Caution: Unlocked] !!! How do fix this thing? This is my first laser and I don’t even like computers, I’m to old for this new stuff. Please help me, the wife is standing behind me with a rolling pin !!

Hard for me to say without seeing what it is you’re trying to do but try moving the project away from the sides of the machine.
Really need more info, ‘speed’, ‘power’…
If it’s a fine detailed project, try lowering speed.
If you haven’t already, try checking out the online vid’s for Lightburn, they explain pretty much everything on how to use the software.(top of page ‘help’ ‘online video tutorials’)
It’s a great thing to learn so don’t be put off.