Multi-Machine Licence

I have a purchased copy of Lightburn which I have actually never used because my Laser died a few days after I bought the software. I have now received a new machine (Atomstack X20 Pro 130W Quad-Laser) which I am about to set up in my garage. My question is, is there any way I can run my licenced copy of Lightburn on my desktop and on my aging laptop in the garage? I like to design on my desktop in the house and then transfer to the laptop purely for processing on the laser cutter.

Yes you can

How many computers can I use it on? The license lets you use the software on up to two computers at once, they don’t have to use the same operating system, and a license can be easily moved if you get a new computer. If you need to use 3 computers, we’ll happily update your license to allow it, for free - just email with your license key and ask for a 3rd seat. If you need more seats, or a floating license setup, we can do that too - contact us for pricing and details.

Thanks for your reply, I did try installing Lightburn on my Windows Laptop but when I entered the Licence Key, it failed. The laptop was connected to the internet, etc. but it wouldn’t accept the key. I will try again today now that I know it is acceptable and I will email support with any issues.

OK that appears to have worked this time around so thank you once again for your prompt reply. This thread is closed. :smiley:

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