Multi user Default settings and clb issue

The solution that is given for the problem that user Wabcriel asked for doesn’t work like it should.
When i put the defaultprefs.ini in the lightburn install folder (c:\program files\lightburn) the override does not work.
It only works when i copy it to c:\users"username"\appdata\local\lightburn. This doesn’t work in a multiuser school environment.
I hope it is possible to fix/change.

Best regards, Daniel

Just a shot in the dark, but does it not work if you put it in each student’s folder?

Which version of the software are you using? I’m looking at the code, and the defaultPrefs handling does look in both the user file as well as the application folder. The global / local override is relatively new though, so if you have an older version of the software it might not be doing it.

It’s the latest version wich you told Wil Crielaars to install.

With the version you send it works. thanx.
First startup it wil make the user prefs (appdata), just cancel all and restart the program and then it loads the defaultprefs from the lightburn executable folder.

Hi, actually it does not fully work. If student (domain user) logs in first time on any pc, there is no prefs.ini yet. And autoprefs.ini does not help to go over manually adding Devices.
There should be logical check which looks for user prefs.ini and if that does not exist then lightburn looks for autoprefs.ini from executable folder and populates (creates) user prefs.ini automatically.

Is that doable?

Best regards