Multiple Accounts

I can’t figure out how to have LightBurn on 2 separate computers, unless i get 2 separate product key codes and accounts. Is there a way to have the software on 2 computers with the same account? My thought was to design on my office computer, and then when it came time to burn I would thumb drive the file to the computer that’s fixed to my machine in the garage.

Just enter the licensekey in Lightburn in your office and garage. It will do the trick.

In the licenseportal you can see that your using two activations.

Got it! I wasn’t sure if that would inactivate the previous one or not. Thanks!

For future reference, the license details are spelled out here. You get two machines, but if you ask nicely, you can even get a 3rd for free. How the LightBurn license works – LightBurn Software

Aghh. Yeah. I missed that totally. Was able to get my garage computer hooked up and working. Everyone here was great help as usual.

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