Multiple Camera‘s

Can you use multiple camera’s on 1600 mm x 900mm table other wise you will 24” above table.

No, we do not support multiple cameras or stitching multiple images together. We are planning to add support for cameras mounted to the laser head, but this is going to take some time.

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Just curious if the fumes will muck up the lens since there is no air nozzle next to the lens.

That does sound interesting nevertheless!


Not sure yet, but if you have good air extraction it should be ok. There are a number of systems, like the Ruida Vision Controller that work this way already.

Do I sense registration marks in Lightburn’s future. That would be :clap: awesome :sunglasses:?



You are aware LightBurn already provides “registration marks” for the ‘Print and Cut’ feature, right? :wink:

Now I do, I forgot there was a new doc.

I kept reading this link which is still active on the main site

Happy to know it’s already active. My point in my message above was wondering if it will be synchronized with the possible camera attached to the lens.



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