Multiple communication issues

I have an atomstack a5.
I was having a problems with it not completing my job
I am tech savy but i dont understand this laser terminology
Here is what i have done

  1. Desktop is running current os
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled lightburn twice, restarted after each
  3. Cleaned all the soot off of laser head and eye protector
  4. Changed the usb cord
    After all that i tried to do a frame of my job and all it did was move back and forth, my job that i was trying is a 4x12 inch rectangle
    Tried to cut job and it just cut the line that it did in the frame
    Made sure that the settings for the material were correct

Share your current Grbl settings and how you have set the Device Profile in LightBurn, and we can go from there. You say, “…running current os”, which OS is this?

My operating system is a iMac desktop running Cataina

As far as the grbl, I am not well versed in this terminology, if you can tell me where to go to give you a screeenshot I would be greatful

You will want to understand Grbl and what setting options are available to adjust your motion control to match that of your hardware.

This is the documentation for setting up a grbl system to work with LightBurn. Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

These are all worth review, then update as you walk through these procedures, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

I am sorry i have been rude! - Thank you so much for your reply to help me

I have an atomstack a5 diode

I think i have it resolved

  1. One of my cords was unplugged and i did not see it cause it was among a few others of the same color on the backside, which is furthest away from me. I went to go move it off my desk to use my cricut and found that out…that resolved why it was only moving in one direction
  2. The job was not completing because it was too big of a file size for my set up
    I have completed 3 jobs now that were much smaller ( i was unsuccessfuly trying to cut 12 Christmas ornaments at once) it has now ran successfully only cutting four of them in one job and then jobs with two of them twice
    If i have any more issues in the next few days i will reply here
    Blessings, Tracey

No apologies required. I read your response as informational, “…I am not well versed in this terminology…”, so offered what, I hope, might help. :slight_smile: All good on this end.

Glad to hear you have had success. Please do ask away.

My issues with communication have not resolved, can you please help. Ty

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