Multiple File Transfer Failed occurrences TODAY

the current version of lightburn 1.2.01 is giving me a “file transfer failed” message with the corresponding explanation that the … machine may be busy or paused.
Well, the machine is not busy or paused and I have restarted the machine a number of times with no relief. the file is not huge, about 250KB. both my computer and the laser are on the same network (i am wireless) and the machine is hard wired to the network.
suggestions? solutions? rudia controller ver RDLC-8.00.53

First thing I might look into is the number of files that are stored on the controller itself. For Ruida, we see many ‘oddities’ when the controller has around 100 files. :slight_smile:

Check that, clear all or as many as you can to free controller memory, and let us know how you progress.

Thanks for the comments. That is never a problem with my laser as I delete my files when the software starts acting up… which seems to be often. I may have stumbled upon a potential problem/ solution. I will get back to you when I confirm whether or not I have found the cause. That transfer failed has been a ongoing problem for some time and many versions. Usually I can work my way through it . Today was worse.

Ruida uses UDP when communicating via network, which can have issues. Do you observe the same “file transfer failed” when running wired via Ethernet cable instead of wireless?

from my access point ir is hard wired to the laser

Did you find the cause?

Check if the “Lan OK” text is showing at your Ruida control panel bottom right corner.

If you know the controller IP address, then ping it from your laptop to test if the connection is ok.

Is it possible your DNS server allocated the same IP address to another device?, try turning the laser off and pinging again - this time if you still get a reply you will know there is a double up.

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