Multiple files open at same time?

I hope that I’m not duplicating any other post, I tried searching but didn’t find anything.

Is there a way that we can have multiple files open at the same time? I mean tabbed, such as Fusion360, your favorite internet browser, or anything else. While it is true I can work around this by using the Art libraries, I’m just wondering if I’m just making a really big noobie mistake.

Your understanding is correct. One document per instance. You can have multiple instances running, however.

Mac makes this a little harder because default behavior when opening an application is to retain a single instance. A quick web search will reveal some ways of opening multiple instances of an application.

That’s just plain a royal PITA, just as bad as this company not getting their security certificate from Apple, which means that I have to have the preferences open before hand so that I can try to open the software again and tell the system to open it anyways after the warnings are done. Quite aggravating.

We do have the security cert from Apple, but they moved the goalposts again and now require submitting the application for scanning, and altering the way the app is built / compiled in order to do that.

We tried it, and the camera library that comes with the framework we use doesn’t work if we change the compiler options to what Apple requires for notarization, so you can either have a slightly annoying pop-up to bypass, or no camera support.

You don’t have to open the security prefs - you just click ‘Show in Finder’ when it pops up the first time, Control+Click, choose ‘Open’ from the menu, then click the Open button. It’s not overly difficult, and only happens when you update.

Having multiple documents open will be a bit odd, because we want to add the option to have multiple pages within a single project as well, so that’s going to be two rows of tabs, or possibly a menu for which file you’re editing, and then tabs for the pages within a project, or vice versa. We’re trying to come up with a way to have both play nice.

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There are ways of creating a script that makes opening multiple instances trivial. Just a normal click like any other application launch. If that’s something you’d like help with let me know.

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