Multiple Frames

We talked multiple frame on click issue the other day, but I’ll be danged if I can find that post.

It looked like I had older software. That’s all updated now.

Here’s what happened yesterday and is what I was seeing before.

Lining up board I had done 2-3 frames and they worked perfectly. Then I did another and it did the frame, then slide X about 12" to the right, and did it again, then slide 12" to the right again. Did this 2 more times, running out of room eventually.

When it finished the laser head was stopped all the way to the right. I moved it back over, checked frame one more time, and hit the start button.

Was it this post?


I’ll be happy too. I’m working a booth with laser art until sunday and cutting daily orders at night. I’ll throw it on tonight after I’m finished in case there’s issues and I can’t get prepped for tomorrow.