Multiple Images in One pass 2021

Just purchased lightburn after trial and testing on some samples, and the first real job I was going to run I discovered I’m in trouble.

Found this link: How to engrave more images in one pass? - #4 by LightBurn to a request from over a year back, and I’m hoping that in the year perhaps this feature was integrated.

Essentially most of our work is printing multiple images, like 10 x 10 different images (all the same setting) and then cutting the same shape. The images do change. Lightburn wants to print one by one which is adding HUGE time to the job. Has this feature been added? Is it in the works? Any insight is appreciated.

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It’s in the works, but not complete yet. This is a planned feature for V1.0, which we’re expecting after 0.9.21.

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Thank you Oz, I can be patient. :slight_smile: It’s just good to know it IS coming.

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