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I think Lightburn is great stuff. One thing I find is that 30 layer setups are not really enough for all the different setups that I need to produce my variety of products. While I mostly cut, I cut many different materials in the course of a project. If Lightburn could access a selection of different .ini files, that would go a long way towards being able to streamline my work instead of having to assign and reset the same layers for variances in cut strength and speed.

Thank you folks

Have you tried out the material library?

LightBurn has a sort of “hidden” feature that will let you save just the cut palette.

Normally when you save a project file, LightBurn saves only the cut settings used by the project. However, if you create a bunch of vectors with different colors, set all the layer settings the way you like, then delete the vectors and save the project, the software will save all the cut layer settings, but nothing else.

So if you have entire banks of settings you want to use for different materials, you can create them this way and save them, then before importing your artwork, just load the appropriate “template” and that will load the cut settings you want.

The Material Library is another good suggestion, though that requires assigning individual layers from material settings, instead of just being able to import a file and have them color mapped.

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