Multiple Laser Bed / Canvas in same project

  • Does LightBurn supports multiple laser bed’s in a given project?
  • I don’t know as i am afraid to try: Will my laser try to cut designs which are outside lightburn’s canvas? not like half in half out - completely outside the canvas? looking at the Monitor preview it looks like all parts - inside and outside the canvas are included in the gcode.

I am now cutting lots of small parts related to one model, hence my above questions. I do not want to created multiple projects as this will be a mess - i want a single project with multiple canvas and each canvas should not include in the gcode the designs which are completely outside the laser bed.

Thank you.

Place the parts you want onto the “canvas” and when you go to cut, select just those items and use the cut selected option in the cut settings window. Then it will only cut those items you selected.

Hi, I can’t find this “cut selected option” in the cut settings window…

Found it! Under Laser tab

I have it highlighted in red. Laser window option.


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Cool, found it. thanks.
I wish i could have multiple canvas and arrange all parts on multiple beds to chose which Canvas to send to cutter.

Sorry, ya, laser tab.

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You can vote for this here:

Thank you.
i am pretty sure this multi canvas/tabs in a given project feature will make its way in to lightburn sooner or later cause for one it is simple to do and it will make our lives much easier and projects will be more organized.

keep up the good work.

Actually, it doesn’t matter whether they are on the canvas or not. This still works.

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