Multiple lasers - 1 computer working at same time - possible?

Is it possible to run Lightburn software through ethernet connection to Ruida controller? If not and has to be USB, can I run both my K40(Laserboard) and my new Ruida machine at the same time from a single computer?

Yes the Ruida can be controlled via ethernet using LightBurn. When running the K40, it will have to be the active machine connected to as the K40 is being streamed Gcode. The work process would be to send the file to the Ruida via ethernet, then switch devices in LightBurn and start streaming the gcode file to the K40. You cannot switch back to the Ruida until the K40 job has finished streaming or you will interrupt the job. Hope this makes sense to you.

It’s also possible to run multiple instances of LightBurn on the same computer, with each instance connected to a different laser. LightBurn will only actively communicate with one machine at a time, but with DSP controllers that buffer the whole job (Ruida, Trocen) you can send to one, then connect to the other laser and send a different file.