Multiple Passes

Need help with passes. Have scoured the web and this site. Have not found even a mention of what I am trying to do.

Three vectors on three layers - one black, one blue, one red
I want to make 2 passes on each layer but NOT sequentially.
I would like to do pass 1 of each of the three layers.
Then do pass 2 of each of the three layers.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Duplicate the layers and make it A,B,C,A,B,C not AA,BB,CC.?

Sequential passes can be handled on the layer properties sheet and 6 layers is not bad here but how about when I get to 50 or 100 layers

You won’t get to 50 or 100 layers - The software has a limit of 30, because a lot of DSP hardware has limits to the layer count. What are you actually trying to do that needs that many?

I don’t need that many never will just one of those off the cuff things. What I would like to do is to burn 1 pass black 1 pass blue 1 pass red 1 pass black 1 pass blue and 1 pass red. I really do miss all of the programming ability of LinuxCNC (EMC2). Is there a way to do what I would like to do. I have already thought of several work arounds but ----------

It doesn’t really work that way, so you’ll need to duplicate the vectors do it. What is that you’re trying to accomplish with this?

I am trying to burn some very small intricate designs on wood and I am having a problem with multiple passes before the wood has had a little time to cool. I have done them just 1 one at a time manually and it works.

Which LinuxCNC version does your software work best with or is it just on and if so which is that.

You can set delays in the cut settings, which could work for you.

I have no idea how to answer this question - LightBurn doesn’t support LinuxCNC. It might be able to emit gcode that’s compatible, but I have no experience with this, as it’s not a dedicated laser control application.

Your advertising offers it in Linux 64 bit.

Minimum Computer System Requirements

LightBurn will run on Windows 7.0 or later, 32 or 64 bit, MacOS 10.11 or later, or 64 bit Linux. LightBurn does not require a powerful computer for most work, though if your designs contain a lot of images, more memory is helpful.

LightBurn runs on 64 bit Linux, yes. That doesn’t mean that it communicates with LinuxCNC (an application, not an operating system).

LinuxCNC is just Debian with the added RT module - isn’t it?

NEVERMIND - The lightbulb just flashed on in my head. Thank you for jogging my memory.

7 machines 3 operatings systems and various and sundry software packages can get an old man’s wires twisted.

LightBurn is developed on Ubuntu 16.04, and tested on Debian and a few others.

I have been using it since 2009. I run 14.04 LTS on a couple of laptops.

Again, thanks for the nudge. Have a good day.

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