Multiple PC's in the same office

Can we run one license on two different pcs here at work? Or do I need to buy another license?

We have the laptop next to the unit running and we have another pc in the art office running it. We try to prepare all the files there before sending to the laptop in another room.

Just wondering.

By default it comes with 2 seats (computers you can license). If you contact LightBurn directly, preferably by email, with your email address it’s registered to you can get an additional seat for the second computer.

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I will do that.

As a Mac guy, I’ve ‘been forced’ to use Boot Camp to install Windows on my computer to be compatible with CNC and laser machines. Will the ‘2 seat’ license apply to a Mac version and a Windows version on the same computer? If so, will I need two keys?

BTW, I’m a newbie to lasers and software and really like how intuitive Lightburn is and it’s ease of importing files from my CAD program. Setting up colors by classes/categories in the CAD software for the various cuts and scans makes the importing and subsequent color key in LB very efficient and user friendly. VCarve could learn from you.:+1::+1:

In the future please create your own post for questions.

I believe that you will use two seats/installs installing LightBurn that way, you only need one key though. The key is good for two installs.

The license is tied to a “digital fingerprint” of the PC that includes the OS, hardware configuration, machine name, mac address, and a bunch more. Running the software inside a VM or a different partition on the same hardware will produce a different key, so it’s counted as two installs, but a license comes with two, and we’ll even add a 3rd for free by request.

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