Multiple Rotaries on the Bed

As i understand it enabling the rotary axis in Lightburn swaps the Y axis movements for A axis.

Is there a way to have both enabled? I am thinking of putting a series of rollers powered by one motor to hold multiple objects along the Y. Think multiple hot dogs in a hot dog cooker. The work would be offset at specific distances.

I have a 52x36" bed and would like to load it up with 2" cylinders run the job and walk away for a few hours. This would need the laser to move in the Y direction once each section is done.

There isn’t a way to do this at this time. It would be a pretty rare setup, and the internal code just remaps the Y axis to a scaled “other” axis, denoted by the selection in the rotary setup, so it would be quite a lot of work to make it happen.

Would it be different if the machine had a double laser head ability? Not “multiple hot dogs” per say but “two hot dogs”

Just curious?



You could put two rotaries side by side (or just have one long one) and use multiple laser heads on the same X axis, yes - that would actually work.

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