Multiple windows

I would like to suggest the following as a future update but I think you would have to recreate the UI. It would be nice to have multiple windows, tabs whatever you want to call them open at the same time, like in photoshop. So that whatever open window you are in is the active layer that outputs to the laser. Lets just say I had a 15oz piece of leather in the machine and want to cut one piece from each file, I could do this by just clicking on which window has the project in it for that material. I know I can import a file into an open file but when some of the files have 15 pieces each it is just too much stuff on the screen to sort through if that makes sense.

about a month ago, a request/feature suggestion was posted. Note the bar at the top of the forum window contains “Feature Suggestions” and you’ll find it is an existing suggestion:

Post your support by clicking the upvote option, currently at 71.

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Got it, voted, thanks.

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