Multiple Z-Step pass order of operation

I’m trying to cut thru a fairly thick piece of wood with my HL-1060L with the Ruida controller. I’m using the Z-step and multiple passes, plus putting the material thickness. What the cutter does is does all of the passes for each hole, one at a time. What I want is to do all of the cuts at one depth, move down, do all the cuts, repeat until the passes are complete. I’ve tried a number of different options, but nothing seems to make this change. Is this possible?

Not at this time, no. Part of the complexity is that it would only be possible if you have “Order by Layer” on. Most do, but it’s not guaranteed. I have an option coming to optimize Z moves - It’s currently only in test on GCode systems, but planned for all DSP machines as well. I can look into changing the pass order if the specified conditions are met.

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