My 1' = 7 1/4 when i try and cut with my laser

hello when i put an image on the computer to cut with the laser my 1 inch comes out to be 7 1/4 when it is actually cut with the laser. I am sure it is something in the settings but not sure where to start. thanks in advance.

Are your sizes correct when working in CNC mode? Is this stretching both directions, or just height? (If it’s just height, that would likely be having rotary mode enabled)

it is off on x and y axis

Does your CNC software work correctly? (as in, are jobs scaled properly there?)

The controller is responsible for converting distances to the correct number of motor steps. If you haven’t used the controller before, or you re-flashed it or changed settings, you might need to calibrate the motor steps for the X and Y axis.

You can do this by drawing a square of known size, like 50mm, and running it. Measure the result, then go to Edit > Machine Settings, and click the ‘Calibrate Axis’ button on the bottom. For each axis, enter the size you asked for and the size you measured, and LightBurn will compute the corrected step values for your controller.

thanks i will try that in just a second. I did reflash the board to to 1.1f

Ahh - then that’s the problem - it wouldn’t have retained the settings for your machine. Your best bet would be to find someone else with the same hardware and get their settings so you’re sure they’re all correct.

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any idea on how to find someone with that other than waiting on someone o post on here

If you have an X-Carve, I imagine Inventables would have the settings captured somewhere. You could likely find posts here from X-Carve users with their settings posted already.

For example:

Your settings for $130 and $131 will probably be different (you need to find someone with the exact same size unit as yours, or just subtract 210mm from each axis - 790mm would be for the 1000mm version, for example)

i went in a calibrated it and everything is working fine now thanks

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