My 80w laser fires when making moves to and from cutting lines

my laser fires when moving to the origin and when making rapid moves to and from lines to be cut, also when you press pause or run the faming option.
note i hvae just put in a brand new p s u as the other packed up but this problem used to happen now and again what could be the problem ? the controller is a topwisdom but i run lightburn 1.1.04.
any help would be greatly received .


It ‘should’ shut off.

In most cases with CO2 Lasers, the controller uses a switching transistor to pull a trigger signal pin on the Laser power supply low to fire the tube.

It could be a weak ground or a wiring problem.

Grab some pics of the Low voltage connections on the Laser Power supply. and the wiring where it connects to the controller. Let’s look there first.

Thanks John
much appreciated for your help i will check the negative and ground connections and take some pics at the power supply and controller and tube and will come back to you.

Thanks once again Mike.

Hi John sorry about the delay in getting back to you, life just gets in the way somtimes , i went through all the connections from the controller to the tube its self found some quite loose screws on the terminals so tightened them all up, SUCCESS ALL WORKS AS IT SHOULD CUTTING GREAT!
Thanks for your advice you are a top guy
Mike sunny Southport UK

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