My activation code does not work


I bought lightburn but my activationcode not accepted

regards rob

Are you trying to activate a very old version of LightBurn, possibly? We changed license systems for version 0.8.00 and later. If you’re trying to use a new license with 0.7.xx or earlier it will not work.

When you say “not accepted”, how so? LightBurn should be giving you an error message saying what the problem is. It would be useful to know what it says.

I orderd lightburn from.cohesion3d site so i think will got the new latest keys i guess?
Then i downloaded lightburn today and got this msg that key is invalid thats all?

I’ve looked up your code from the email you also sent, and it’s there, and correct. Be sure to enter the key exactly as it appears in the email, including capitals and dashes. It’s easier to select the key from the email and copy/paste it into the license key box in the software.

In the future, license issues should go to the support email, and general questions should go here. If you ask in both places it just means I have to answer twice.


Got it and its working now, dont know what i typed wrong but nopw copy and paste and the code whas accepted.

ty for reply

regards Rob