My Bed not big enough to cut acrylic 1200mm x 380mm

Is there anyone in the South West, Mendip area, with a machine big enough to cut 10mm acrylic 1200mm long, my bed is only 700 wide. Or does anyone know of a company that does? Cheers! Richard

hi richard

i’m not local to you but in the absence of any other replies, just to mention we have the capability to do this but we are in london.

long focal length for nice straight edges . can cut up to 25mm acrylic.


Hi Richard

I believe there is a company on the Anglo trading estate in Shepton Mallet, can find the telephone number Friday if you wish. There certainly got a v large laser.

Thanks Barrie
I’ll probably get back to you for a quote, Cheers!

Thanks Phil
I’ll give them a visit today


Hi Phil, found them, looks perfect for what I need, thanks for your help!

No problem. Forgot to tell you they’re in bottom gate.

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