My cut settings change when I reopen a job. Please help

Here’s the gist… I design something called EXAMPLE. I set the scan to scan in hot pink with 300 speed and 15%. Then I set the cut outline in black to cut at 8 speed and 85%. Save, send, close.

Many projects later, my hot pink and black have been used in other designs and set to a different setting. (10speed 50% and 200speed and 10%)

I open EXAMPLE. My settings are no longer the setting mentioned before. They have now switched to the last settings used on other projects shown in parentheses above.

This really sucks. I would really like my settings to save to the file, instead of save in the software as the last setting used for that particular color.

Is there an option to change this? I want to open an old file and just use it without having to try to remember what my last setting was for it. And for the record, I am NOT importing. I am just opening the file with LB closed.

Please help!

Can you describe how you mean this, exactly? Are you double-clicking to launch the file in LightBurn? I’ve just tried this, and it works as expected, and there is no option to disable this. The “load on launch” code checks the file extension, and if it is “lbrn”, it opens the file as a LightBurn project.

Which version of LightBurn are you using, and what is the exact name of the file you are loading, including the file extension?

I have been bitten by this too. LB always uses whatever was last setup in a color instead of what was used in a saved .lbrn file. This has caused problems when I have been iterating through settings for that color trying to find what will work for this file. If I want to use one of my standard settings, I’ll use my library (still growing it) to assign value to layer. I would like the .lbrn file to save the values for the colors/layers and restore them (or at least give us the option to restore them).

Right now, I have had to TRY to remember to record all the settings for the colors in the file notes section and that is a PITA.

I rarely ever double click the file to launch and load the file. Normally I open LB and then select the file I want to work with.
I just updated to the current version from 0.9.04 and haven’t checked this in that version yet.

I hope I have understood your problem, but I have just checked some of my jobs and the speed/pwr for a particular colour is saved with the job. I have one job where the black layer is 650/85 and another that comes in as 6000/50. V9.06. Seems to be the same whether the colur layers are named or left as “Cnn”



I will go and check it out again and see if it is indeed saving the values. Thanks for getting me to go check it again! :smile:

Make sure you are using File > Open, not Import. They behave quite differently.

Hi Robert,

What does happen is that when you use a layer that wasn’t originally part of the current job, then if you allocate an object to that new layer then the properties of that layer will be what ever it was when last time it was used. You can then change those properties and they will be saved with the job.
There is a section in the manual about “layer memory” but is is independent of the job layers.

Not sure where to ask this but along those lines, I have a library of materials set up and it seems when I updated to the latest LB version I now cannot assign a library item to a layer. The material list appears normally in the library but when I select a library item and a layer the “Assign to Layer” button is greyed out.

Will need a bit more information as I am able to assign Materials Library saved setting to a layer. This is working for me using 9.06 Mac. What OS are you running? And just to double-check, please provide the actual LightBurn version number for us. What other testing or steps can you share so we can try to reproduce what you describe.

I am running the latest LB version (9.06) on a Windows 10 laptop. It has worked before. I even tried to re-link the library file but still NG. I can see the options in the library but never get the “assign to Layer” button to not be greyed out.

Is the layer being assigned an image layer? You cannot apply Cut or Fill settings to an image, or vice versa.

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