My engraver has once again started banging against the rail

Both motor drivers lights are green.

Good both lights are green.

Ruida → motor driver → motor

Each axes, has it’s own motor driver/motor and associated cable that needs step and direction signals from the controller or power to each phase of the motor.

If you swap the motor driver → motor cable and the problem moves, it’s the motor or cable.

If the above doesn’t change anything and you swap the control signals from the controller → motor driver and the problem moves, it’s from the controller onward… I.E. controller or cabling…

Make sense?


Hooked up an oscilloscope to the output of the mother board and the signals are identical. Looks like its the motor. Switching drivers does not change the problem. Looking for a source for replacement motor if you have one. Thanks.

You shouldn’t need to drag out a scope… Just swap the cables between the motor drivers and the motor.

If nothing changes, it’s the motor or the cable…


Yes, I switched the 4 pin cables and the same motor is causing the issue. X motor fine, Y motor same problem. Tks. Do you have a source for motors?

I put the scope on because I thought there might be a corrupted signal. All was well.

Haven’t used a scope sense my days working on the Titan, Atlas and Gemini capsule. Before that II worked with Orville and Wilber.

Find out what kind of NEMA motors they have…

A NEMA23 is 2.3" on each side a NEMA17 is 1.7" on each side…

Then search the Internet…

Data-Sheet-Stepper-Motor-Support.pdf.txt (839.0 KB)

Good luck


2.3" on each side.

Search for NEMA23. Is it in the back so it needs a shaft out both ends or a single end output?

It’s what we all do… I can’t tell what it physical output shafts are, that’s up to you… hunt them down on the Internet.

If you want to wait someone may drop in and make a suggestion… but it might not work too well if you need it shipped to Australia.

Good luck


I’m in Az. No shaft on back.

This is my Y motor. I has a shaft to the belts on each side of the Y carriage. Taken through the material pass through on my OMTech China Blue…

Down the road a piece from you in Camp Verde… :crazy_face:


Thanks for your help. Found a motor and looks like it is in spec. I am using my old K40 to try to keep production going but it’s slow but it does a good job.

Wow!. I live in Prescott. Must meet some time. For what do you use your equipment?
Thanks again for your help.

Had a little CNC3018 I was playing with and, like a dummy, I hung a laser off it…

Then I progressed to a co2 to learn more about how they work… that evolved into a fiber…

Mainly to learn about them … still learning… :crazy_face:


My Y motor

I can’t really tell much from the photo… you can google the numbers on the motor and see what you get…


Yeah, did that and found one just about 1/4 in longer but all specs seem OK. ordered it hoping to get it next week. Still looking for exact match.

(a) If understand correctly you switched the X and Y output signal plugs at the Ruida control board?

which (b) made the poor movement shift to the X-axis? - And presumably at that point the Y axis worked fine (when using the X-jogging button)?

But later (c) you switched only the motor output wires and the poor movement stayed with Y axis - leading you to suspect the Y-motor is at fault?

Your conclusion from (c) is at odds with (b).

The results at (b) and (c) point towards a control board problem, or most likely a problem with the Y-axis settings, the motor will be fine.