My first 3-D burn

I saw some posts on here about 3-D burning. I took notes, read everything on here and then went at it.
My first try on scrap sanded C/D plywood. Then several coats of clear coat. I’m burning a couple on solid white oak right now. Plywood looks like trash compared to the oak.
OLM-15, (aka 4.5W.), 1000/mm-m, 65% P.


That looks great, i’d like to see the oak version as well.

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That is beautiful!

oops !!

I never did get along with cameras . As I’m posting this, I’m burning the rout 66 plaque, (9-1/2" wide) on bamboo cutting board. (OLM-15 (aka 4.5W)) 1000 mm/m &
90% power, dither, 318 DPI, line interval 0.080mm

thank you, but I don’t like the what the plywood colors did to the image. just looks funny.

Está bonito, ahora puedes provar de hacer una plantilla de cartulina para tapar la imagen cuando la barnices, así conseguirás que el blanco de la imagen sea el color natural de la madera y tendrás un bonito contraste entre la imagen y el fondo. Claro está que deberás dar otra capa de barniz a todo, una vez echo el proceso, pero esta vez incoloro.

It’s nice, now you can try to make a cardboard template to cover the image when you varnish it, so you will get the white of the image to be the natural color of the wood and you will have a nice contrast between the image and the background. Of course, you will have to give everything another layer of varnish, once the process is done, but this time colorless.

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Very nice!

That’s very interesting.
How do you 3D burning?

It’s easy. I went to store, search for “805 LaserSpot”. You have to buy the files, thats ok, it’s worth it to me. LaserSpot has 565 files right now to choose from. Everything is in hong kong dollars, (HKD).
Divide 7point 8 into the HKD price, that will get you pretty close to USD price. (HKD- 81.77 = USD- 10.41)
There are other sites that have free files, I just don’t know the names of them. Someone made a post on here about these files and they gave the names. I just don’t remember whos post or how far down list.
Oh! 805 is having sale right now, 20% off. I think the sale ends tonight at midnight.

Thanks for the information.
Looks very interesting to me.

Sunflower in hard maple
Hand painted afterward by me.


I’m on this page right now. In Switzerland you can order directly and pay in CHF.

Looks amazing!

I like that idea, I’m going to try. Thank you.

I have purchased 5 files now from the 805 and one turn out to be bum file. Would not burn right at all.
I contacted “Mike”, I have never dealt with someone who is as fast and efficient as that man is. When you click on the contact button, it says that all questions are usually answered in a couple of hours. Not true, I got my replies in a lot less than a couple hrs. I think he must have been sitting there knowing I was going to contact him. He responded real fast and he is sending me a free replacement file.
My bad file is the Hot Rod Gas file in SVG. He is sending me another type of file to try. Mike is a good man and I’m going to stick with the 805 for my files. I’m even thinking about trying to “maybe” get him to make me a couple . Although I would have to pay him personally because these would be for my wife and grand kids! Forget the KIDS, they knocked themselves out of the “receiving goodies game” when they started giving us grand kids! LOL